Thea’s Park on Foss Waterway

Waterfront access with sweeping views and very few people highlight this location. From Thea’s Park, you can practice your Magnum P.I., low to the water flight skills. What sets this location apart from the scores of other waterfront possibilities in the Tacoma area is the line of sight and the interesting backdrops along all shores in this area. From here you have the Simpson lumber mill, the grain dock, Dock Street Landing, Murray Morgan Bridge, Foss Waterway, tug boats, freighters, and most of downtown Tacoma to spy. Kids skateboarding and drinking 40’s has always made this location a personal favorite and it is no different when it comes to flying the quadcopter as they make for a fun audience/film subject.

2 Replies to “Thea’s Park on Foss Waterway”

  1. Beautiful!! I have a Phantom 2 Vision myself and have done some cool video at the Ruston Way waterfront.

    1. I’ve yet to get great video from Ruston Way but I did fly down there a few times when I first got it. Are you flying regularly? Downtown is quite an experience. I need to get back down there when I have the right game plan. Can be pretty sketchy.

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