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These are some great all-in-one options for pilots of all skill levels:

Negative reviews of the Yuneec Typhoon H sound pretty scary. There are multiple reports of crashes soon after initial flight and trouble with customer service at Yuneec. I can say that I personally have had a great experience with this drone. I’ve dealt with Yuneec directly to handle some local no-fly-zone issues and they were great. My best advice is for you to have someone take video of your first few flights in case something bad happens. I’ve never had any issues with mine. I use it regularly in a professional setting and the redundant motors bring peace of mind to my customers. It is important to mention that the remote control for the Typhoon H is the single greatest piece of drone equipment I’ve ever owned. The people complaining about it being too complicated are out of their minds.

Negative reviews of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian typically take issue with the remote control or DJI’s Android app. Any time you are using a cell phone or a tablet clipped to the top of your remote, you can be sure you will have occasional hiccups. Most people seem to love this thing. The black color is much easier to see in the bright sky than the white model, in my opinion.

Negative reviews of the DJI Mavic Air are hard to come by. Maybe that’s why everyone has been telling me I need to get one of these. I can tell you this, I arrived at a jobsite a month ago and a guy was standing on the driveway holding a remote. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing for a minute because his Mavic Air was so quiet. Despite it flying about 100 feet away from me, I heard nothing. The range and the camera are known to be outstanding.

There are some highly rated, affordable models popping up these days. Don’t overlook how fast technology is advancing. Particularly relevant to those of you shopping for younger drone pilots out there, these models give you quite a lot of features for the money and you won’t be as worried to turn these loose with children.

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