Phantom 2 Vision+ Product Review


All photos and video found on this site were shot with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. You can certainly get results with the GoPro configuration but the Vision+ is our preferred setup for getting up, GPS stabilized, functional FPV, in 5 minutes or less every time.

30+ mph flight speed combined with buttery smooth controls makes for a surreal flying experience, especially at night. The video works exceptionally well when hovering still or even when moving at a steady speed. The only time we run into gimbal vibration is when the copter is rising or falling, and more-so in very warm or very cold temperatures.

The battery life is easily 20+ minutes with my typical flying habits. I regularly fly the Phantom 2 over 1000 feet away from me, and most often at altitudes between 200 and 300 feet. As long as I keep line of sight with the unit, I almost never have disconnection issues. When the copter does lose connection, control is usually regained within seconds. I’ve only had my unit “return home” twice, and in both cases, I still regained control long before it started its landing descent.

Photo quality (especially the .DNG file format) is far greater than any aerial photo equipment I’ve owned prior to the Vision+. If you know how to process RAW files, you will like this unit.